• Ryan Calleja Urry

UPDATE ⛈ Rain & Thunderstorms On Malta's Horizon This Week 👀 ☔️

Well, that was quick 😅

Last week, we released an article suggesting that hoodie season may be approaching. That article got a lot of love on Facebook, and it seems that Zeus has listened to all your prayers...

The Clouds Are Back 😲

A hot & dry 2020 could finally be coming to an end this September, with 4 days in a row of cloudy weather being forecast for the upcoming week...

The above was taken from the official Malta International Airport website, with many other sources having also come out with similar predictions ☔️

Pages like Malta Weather in fact, are in agreement about the chance of rain showers and have even said that there may be thunderstorms at times across Malta and Gozo.

Winds of Force 5 will continue to blow this week, which is where all of these clouds will be coming from. Be warned though, the cloud coverage isn't yet a signal for cold days, with temperatures still maintaining heights of 32°C.

Just like last week, we aren't quite at freezing hoodie weather yet, but with a possible couple days of rain ahead - we're getting closer and closer! 😇

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