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UPDATE 🚨 Outrage Continues Amid Teachers' Strike, Uni & 6th Forms Provide More Info To FreeHour

Covid Cancellations 😨

Students have been left confused and frustrated this morning following a disagreement between Prime Minister Robert Abela & Malta Union Of Teachers, due to yesterday's record number of cases...


Here's A Full Timeline Of Events So Far 👇

#1 - Teachers announce they're going on strike on the 7th & 8th, following a discussion with Robert Abela who refused to make the full switch to online learning.

#2 - Education minister Justine Caruana confirms that schools will remain open as usual, despite claims of a strike, as health authorities have advised against school closure.

#3 - Students are left confused as they arrived at their respective state schools with little to no teachers present.

The Malta Union Of Teachers (MUT) had previously said that all their members from kindergarten all the way up to a university will not work unless there is a switch to online learning - and clearly, they were being very serious.

Following the news of the strike, many decided to stay home today, however for certain students that did attend, some were turned away at their school gates by security guards who said "there are no teachers here" ❌


So, What's Really Going On?

FreeHour wanted to get to the bottom of what's really happening, so we made a few calls...

Here's what we know at this point:

Junior College - There are no guidelines, teachers can choose whether to show up or not, students can choose whether to show up or not, there has been no correspondence with the education ministry as of yet.

MCAST - Lessons are being held online during the strike, students are to contact their respective institutes next week to see what will be happening with their courses.

University Of Malta - Unaffected by the strike due to the fact that they are not associated with the Malta Union Of Teachers.

St.Aloysius - All lessons are being held online, the strike is not affecting lectures.

Naxxar Higher Secondary - Similar situation to Junior College, they are a state school so have remained open.

De La Salle - No update as of yet.


Students Left In The Dark 😔

Sadly, this lack of communication between government and teachers has left students suffering once again. As shown above, many students are very frustrated, with their education being wasted as well as their time...

Whether you're in favour or against a fully online method of lecture delivery, a decision must be taken ASAP - especially with exams just around the corner.


Were you affected by the strike? 🤔

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