• Denise Perini

UPDATE 🚨 B.Com Faculty To
 Re-Evaluate Decision As Student Orgs Respond To Controversy 👨‍🎓🤔

Student Outrage Regarding A Harsh Decision 😬

The Economics Faculty has responded to yesterday's outrage which saw ALL first-year B.Com students receive an automatic fail over a cheating scandal in an EMA1008 Test worth 34% of their final grade 😡

FEMA will now re-evaluate their decision and are in the process of setting up a new board to finalise a better way forward.

This comes after all major student organisations including, KSU, SDM, & ASCS criticised the faculty's unjust and rash decision in official statements they respectively published.

Cheating In Online Exams 💻

All the organisations which have spoken out have strongly condemned cheating in every form and understand that now more than ever, with examination formats changing, students should abide by regulations at ALL times. However, a "blanket decision" should not be the answer to issues, ASCS (Commerce Students Association) stated.

FreeHour's Stance 🗣

After breaking the story yesterday, FreeHour strongly believes that the decision is an unfair one and that the matter should be investigated on a case by case basis.

In a situation where the majority are now suffering because of the minority's actions, FreeHour has encouraged the Faculty of Economics, Management & Accountancy to re-evaluate the decision & find a more reasonable way forward.

The Dean of FEMA, Frank Bezzina, reported to Times of Malta that he will be "putting together a new board to ensure that the students who were innocent do not have to fail and that it will be a fairer decision."

He went on to say that this evaluation is proving to be difficult due to the large number of students within the classes.

Naturally, FreeHour will continue to stand by the students until a fair decision is made, eagerly awaiting further updates from FEMA concerning their decision on the way forward.

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