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UPDATE 🚨 7 New Exam Precautions Announced Following SDM & Pulse Talks With Minister Owen Bonnici 🎓

Some Good News? 🤞

Well, at least we're finally getting some information. Earlier today, SDM & Pulse both met with Hon. Owen Bonnici and MATSEC representatives to discuss the several issues at hand with regards to the upcoming examination sessions.

Unfortunately, if Malta's cases continue to get worse, we still have no backup plan. Plus, many students still disagree with exams taking place, regardless of the added guidelines...

The 7 New Guidelines 👇 Are They Enough? 🤔

#1 - All candidates must wear a mask/visor in all common areas in the exam venue, before entering, upon exit of the exam venue and if being excused to the bathroom during the exam.

However, students are not expected to wear their mask/visor for the duration of the exam.

#2 - COVID positive students are disallowed from attending exams & will be considered as absent. These candidates will need to sit for an exam resit in the December sessions.

#3 - Students sitting for their O’ Level exams in the September session will not be eligible for a resit. This is because September sessions will be considered as the second sitting after the predictive grading was published.

#4 - Temperature checks will be carried out for every single student. Students who fail the test will be given a few minutes to cool down in the shade before the test is retried. If fever is indicated multiple times, the student will not be allowed to sit for the exam. In such a case, the student will need to sit for the exam in the December resit session.

#5 - All desks will be distanced 2 meters apart as per the official public health guidelines. All staff and venue invigilators will be wearing a mask/visor at all times in all venues.

#6 - Any student placed under mandatory quarantine during these exam sessions will be eligible to sit for their exams in the December resit session and will be allowed to start their course at the University of Malta on a probationary basis.

Note: If a student is placed under quarantine, but has applied for the Medicine course at uni they'll be able to take their exam at home in the presence of an invigilator. This is due to the course requirements stating that all results must be obtained in one certificate.

#7 - All exam venues have been assessed and the maximum capacity of students present in the venues at the same time has been reduced, to allow desks to be spread 2 meters apart.

Most classrooms will only be having around 12 students per class (depending on venue).

Bonus: MATSEC have confirmed that the examination venues and timetables are being finalised and will be published soon. Students are also advised to arrive at least 45 minutes early at the exam venue so that there's enough time for temperature checks.

Pro-Tip: If you have your O or A levels coming up, we strongly suggest that you avoid gathering in large groups before and after your exams.

Best of luck to all our students in these troubling times ❤️

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