• Daniel Tihn

Hassle In The Halls Of Uni: UoM Law Students Given The Wrong Exam Paper

Imagine this: it's finals. You have studied your arse off to make sure you get the grades you need and want, have stress-eaten your way up a couple kilos, and are now waiting for the exam to start. You watch the clock tick-down until the exam starts, you look at the paper in front of you, and you see questions that shouldn't be there, units that weren't meant to be in the paper.

Well, if you are a law student at the University of Malta in your final year, you don't have to imagine it. This morning, Wednesday the 5th of June, final-year law students were quickly ushered out of the exam after students started complaining that the paper wasn't theirs.

After the complaints were verified, the exam was postponed to 5pm tonight, leaving the students to decide whether they wanted to stay at school to wait for the exam or head home and come back later. Either way, this mistake from the school comes costly to the students as it messes up their studying schedules and their day as a whole.

While the UoM probably considers the problem solved, this coordination mishap will have affected the students' stress levels, confidence, and exam pressure.

The students will still be taking the exam, however the dread of looking at a paper that you don't know the answers to, especially in your final year, is a feeling no one wants to experience.

Whether you were affected by this problematic paper or just an empathetic student, tell us how you feel about the whole situation in the comments below.