• Jamie Dent

University Of Malta Sets Up Fund To Help Struggling Students During COVID-19 💸 🙌

University of Malta has created a fund for any UM students struggling to get their basic and essential needs amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.

This brings UM staff and students together, relying on their donations to help those in need at the University. The Student Solidarity Fund will bring “first-hand instant and interim relief” for students suffering financially.

Whilst the fund was set up due to the pandemic, it will still be available for those in need once the crisis is over.

Students were left out of the state’s COVID-19 wage supplement due to the fact that they receive a monthly stipend typically between €80-€90.

Those eligible for the fund are guided by a university social worker to apply for existing state aid, including the Ministry of Education's supplementary stipend, and are assisted until a permanent solution is found.

Think you might be eligible for the fund? Send an email to carmen.sammut@um.edu.mt to enquire 🙌

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