• Ryan Calleja Urry

Uni & JC Claim That Half Of Lectures Will Be Held Fully Online In Upcoming Semester 😲 👩‍💻

Calling all JC & Uni students! ⚠️

As pressure continues to rise with regards to safety measures surrounding the upcoming O and A-Level exam sessions - the University of Malta (UM) has now confirmed that it's planning to have a mix of in-person and online lectures for the coming semester.

A 50 / 50 Split? 🤔

A spokesperson for UM has said that both Uni and JC intend to resume lectures as usual in October, with a couple of slight twists:

#1 - Firstly, subjects which contain larger classes will be forcefully divided into smaller groups, where one chunk of students will attend in person and another will follow online.

These groups will be swapped each week to keep things fair among students, meaning that all students will be attending half of their lectures in person, and the other half online.

This rotating system was described as a "PR system" (P = physical presence; R = remote teaching using virtual platforms) It was stated that this system will only be adopted where deemed necessary due to space constraints.

#2 - Finally, the UM spokesperson ended by saying that If lectures do resume this October, then certain safety guidelines such as the wearing of masks will be enforced, as well as physical distancing regulations.

These measures are naturally being taken in order to maintain social distancing, following many concerns being raised by students about school safety policies.

It has also been noted that the above measures are subject to Government decisions regarding public safety - if institutions are called off, these measures will not be applicable.

P.S. It was also made clear that lecturers will be forced to bring their own laptop and dedicated microphone to class, so that students following online will have a high-quality audio & video experience to ensure proper learning.

This is a developing story, we'll keep you updated as things progress.

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