• Ryan Calleja Urry

Uni Goes Digital 🚨 "Lectures Will Be Held Online" - KSU Confirms 😲

Here we go again 🤦‍♂️

A new collection of Corona-related updates has just been released, find them below 👇



1. Lectures with a large number of students (approx. 70) will take place online.

2. Lectures with a smaller number of students will also take place online, with the possibility of joining physically.

 Guidelines by the Health Authorities for UM will be published shortly.

3. After guidelines are issued, faculties will analyse which study units can happen in-person, according to available spaces large enough for the number of students allowed in a classroom according to social distancing guidelines.

4. All methods of assessment for the upcoming semester must be decided & presented to the Senate for approval by 22nd October. 

5. Discussions are underway with regards to graduations. By the 20th of November all students will be considered as graduates, ceremonies may take place at a later date.


Constant Developments 😳

KSU published everything we said & some more in a statement which you can find here.

This neverending stream of COVID updates & school guidelines can be heavy on your mental health, we get it, it's heavy on ours too.

Please remember to always put your health first though, clear up any worries you may have by simply giving UM a call to clarify anything that's on your mind 🙏

Their number is 2340 2340 📞


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