• Ryan Calleja Urry

Underweight Rabbit Found Covered In Mites & Infections In New Animal Cruelty Case 😡

Disappointing News 😠

Non-profit organisation ALM, or Animal Liberation Malta, have just found a rabbit in a tortured state. The rabbit is most likely from a rabbit farm, and was dumped outside alongside bags of rubbish & garbage all by itself...

The Rabbit, now affectionately named "Hope", was found covered in ear mites & infections.

Hope needed immediate medical attention, and was luckily handed to the NGO known as "The Malta Rabbit Club" - who are currently monitoring & treating her appropriately.

Shortly after the arrival of Hope, yet another bunny ended up at their doorstep, which was also incredibly underweight and found with many infections.

According to ALM though, this is sadly nothing new, with over 500,000 rabbits being “bred, confined and slaughtered on the Maltese islands" - every single year 😞

How Have ALM Helped? 🙏

If you weren't aware, Animal Liberation Malta are a non-profit organisation that have dedicated a huge amount of time to taking action against many different animal cruelty issues. They fight daily against animal abuse, suffering and greed.

In their eyes, animals are the most abused victims on the planet. and don't deserve to be systematically mistreated on a daily basis without anyone batting an eye.

A Happy Ending 🥰

Thanks to the kind people over at The Malta Rabbit Club - Hope, alongside the second rabbit who was brought in, are now being given the proper care & attention that they need.

Unfortunately, this is a far cry from the treatment rabbits receive in rabbit farms, in which they are treated as mere commodities and with zero respect for them as living creatures.

End Animal Exploitation 🙏

Don't be the reason for these animals suffering!

If you ever come across an animal in pain, whether it's on the side of the road or in an "official" facility - please be sure to call a helpline to get the animal the help it needs.

You can call +2123 0468 to contact the MSPCA at any time ❤️

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