• Jamie Dent

UM & JC Official Start Dates For 1st Years & Returning Students! 🎓🚨

The official start dates for UM & JC students can be found below, taken directly from the University of Malta website:

As you can see, there are some differences in start dates for 1st-year students as opposed to returning students, as well as for students of various courses. It's also worth noting the the above image does not mention that continuing Doctor of Medicine 3rd & 4th-year students will begin on 5th October.

This morning, there were some miscommunications regarding the above dates, a post was uploaded stated that start dates for University of Malta & G.F. Abela Junior College are the 19th October.

In fact, it's only 1st-year students who start lectures on these days, not returning students.

A clarification post with the correct information has since gone live - you can find that below.

If you'd like further clarification on important semester dates, we'd recommend calling up the University of Malta on 2340 2340.


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