• Ryan Calleja Urry

UM/JC COVID UPDATE 🛎 20 New Measures Every Student Needs To Know Before The Semester Starts

Detailed Regulations 😳

Let's be real, no one has time to read a 30 page set of guidelines right? That's why we summarised everything for you below in 20 easy to understand bullet points, which have been split up into 4 different sections - enjoy 🙏

The Library 📚

Access to the UM library will remain available, however the number of simultaneous patrons is currently limited according to the Public Health Authority guidelines.

All staff & students:

#1 - should wear face masks or visors at all times while making use of the Library.

#2 - will have their temperature checked, and those with a temperature above 37.2°C will not be allowed to enter the premises.

#3 - should use hand-sanitiser before entering. Desks, IT workstations and other service devices should also be sanitised before and after use.

Books returned will be kept in quarantine for a period of 72 hours prior to being placed back on their respective shelves. A Library staff member will keep a record of all attendance.

Lectures 🎓

#4 - The temperature of persons attending University will be taken as a precautionary measure: staff or students having a temperature above 37.2°C will not be admitted into the buildings of the University and are to return home immediately.

#5 - Only a limited number of lectures will be delivered in person on campus, with other lectures being held remotely. Study-units requiring use of laboratories, clinics, studios etc. will, as far as possible, continue to take place on campus or at other venues as usual.

#6 - Priority for in-person lectures must be given to First Year students, so that they may have the opportunity to experience University life first hand.

#7 - As much as possible, time-tables for 2020/21 shall remain almost the same as for

2019/20, so as to facilitate planning.

#8 - Elective and optional units will be held remotely if it is not possible to

accommodate them on campus. It is advised that elective or optional

units with less than 6 registered students are suspended.

#9 - In order to avoid the congregation of large numbers of students on campus, the PR (Physical/Remote) system can be adopted, where two groups swap between attending physically and following online.

#10 - Marquees will be installed next to the UM Library to allow students to switch between online and in-person lessons easily. Desks shall be placed inside each marquee, and occupancy of these areas will be managed by security staff to avoid crowding.

#11 - Prominent signage will be installed around campus to act as persistent reminders of the need for everyone to be mindful of our responsibilities towards one another.

#12 - The University will assign an official COVID-19 Contact Person for students, who should be contacted in case a student is in quarantine or happens to exhibit symptoms of coronavirus. The number to call is +356 2340 4000.

#13 - Laboratories will be cleaned every morning and at a suitable time during the day according to the room schedule. Where the same facilities are used by different groups of students, the surfaces, equipment and tools will be cleaned between each group of users.

A revised calendar for the academic year 2020/21 is available here 👈

Chapels ⛪️

The following health and safety measures shall apply to the University Chapel and adjacent rooms, as well as the Chapel at the Junior College.

#14 - Separate entrance and exit to the Chapel, doors & windows will be kept open. Masks or visors to be used at all times.

#15 - Hand sanitiser is provided at the entrance to the Chapel, physical distancing of 2 metres will be enforced inside the Chapel and the Chaplaincy rooms.

#16 - Details of persons using the Chaplaincy premises are being kept for contact tracing,

Sports Facilities 🏃‍♀️

Entry will only be allowed for authorised persons who have pre-booked via email to

oliver.mallia@um.edu.mt, for University staff and students, or to sport.jc@um.edu.mt

for staff and students at the Junior College.

The following guidelines will apply to UM and Junior College:

#17 - Coaches & staff must wear masks or visors at all times during sessions. Attendants will measure body temperature and reserve the right to ask about health status. Entry will be refused to any individual who has a temperature over 37.2°C.

#18 - Regular surface disinfection will be performed. Doors, gates and windows will be left open for maximum cross ventilation. Sharing of bottles or cups will not be allowed.

#19 - Toilet facilities will be disinfected every hour. Paper towels will be provided, no airflow dryers or revolving cloth towels will be allowed. Use of the showers will not be allowed.

#20 - A log of bookings including name, telephone number and time of arrival will be kept for a minimum of two weeks. An isolation area will be available in case a user shows symptoms while at the facility and needs to wait to be picked up.

An Uncertain Semester Ahead 😒

Are these the last of the regulations? Will more emerge as the year progresses? Will cases decline or continue to spike? Will I lose my sanity before 2021?

All valid questions. Unfortunately, the best you can do is wait and see. Stay positive, we'll keep you all informed along the way.

If you'd like to read the full 30-page statement, you can find it here 👈

6th Form Student?

The relevant guidelines can be found here 🚀