• Ryan Calleja Urry

UM Graduation Plans Cancelled? 🎓 Here Are 6 COVID-Friendly Ways To Celebrate Your Degree Instead

You've Finally Made It 🥳

After what seems to be the hardest year to finish your course in has finally come to an end, you can finally say that you've graduated and are ready to put your degree to work!

Now that you've officially picked up your degree, here are a few ways you can celebrate...

#1 - The Last Zoom Call 😅

We know you want to uninstall and block the app, but don't, not yet. First, organise one last call with your course mates, with no stress this time...

You can laugh over some old memories, your plans for the future, and even exchange contact details since these people will probably be working in your industry in the future!

#2 - Parking Lot Playlists 🎶

No buscade this year? Here's an alternative:

Gather about 5 of your friends and pay a visit to your local car park, the Luxol one is a perfect example. Now, park side by side (at a safe distance apart!) and take it in turns to play your playlists on full blast - car honks encouraged 😂

#3 - Powerpoint Planning 🍷

Again, we know you're tired of assignments and anything school-related, but these presentations are actually hilarious to make.

Gather your course mates and give everyone a presentation to make covering your years spent together, with titles like: "If everyone was a stereotype, what would they be?" or "Rank the top 5 funniest moments that happened in class this year"

Lastly, after you've all come up with your presentations, add some alcohol to the mix while you're presenting them (make sure you're 17+) trust us, it'll be a hilarious night 😅

#4 - Bake Some Happiness 😁

A great way to celebrate your hard work is obviously by satisfying your sweet tooth. You can do this with your friends, or just put on some headphones and get busy!

Here's a cookie recipe, and here's a cupcake recipe too 🥰 Don't eat them all at once!

#5 - A Negative Get Together 🥳

If you insist on actually hosting a party to celebrate officially being graduated, just make sure that your entire invite list is COVID-negative.

Whether you schedule tests, or make use of Malta's new rapid-testing system, be safe ✅

#6 - Secret Santa 🎅

Usually, graduations take place way earlier in the year, but considering it's December right now and students have only recently been allowed to pick up their degrees - you might as well celebrate by giving out some gifts right?

If you & your friends usually aren't the type to give gifts, make an exception this one time and give yourselves some heartfelt rewards for making it through your entire course together!

Enjoy These Moments!

You've finally made it through your educational journey, you'll look back on this time as the end of a very long chapter in your life - so make sure you have a little fun with your friends before starting the next step into a whole new chapter!

Enjoy 😉

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