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Trump Gets Impeached A Second Time Following Capitol Drama - What Does This Mean? 🤔

Never A Dull Moment 😒

Following last week's deadly storming of the Capitol, Donald Trump has been charged with "incitement of insurrection" - and has now made history as the first president in US history to be impeached twice.

The Democrats have formally introduced an article of impeachment against Trump, which could see him removed from office before his term ends on January 20th.


What Is Impeachment? 🤔

Impeachment refers to a situation whereby a current president is charged with crimes.

In this case, President Trump was charged with inciting insurrection, in other words, encouraging his followers to fight back against the government and start an uprising.

Probably not the wisest decision that's ever been taken by a president.

Could Trump Be Removed From Office?

As it stands, Trump has been impeached by The House of Representatives, which now moves the case to the Senate for a trial. The trial, however, will not be carried out before Mr Trump's presidency officially comes to an end on the 20th of January.

So What Does It Mean Exactly?

A trial can and most likely will happen after Trump leaves office. Senators even have the opportunity to vote for the possibility of disallowing Trump from ever running for office again.


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