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Treat Your Tastebuds To International Cuisines With Hermanos - Authentic Burgers Delivered 🥰

Hermanos, as the name suggests (it means brothers in Spanish 😅 ), was carefully & passionately created by two burger-loving brothers 😇

Their unique menu came about with the decision to create mouthwatering recipes from all around the world. As a result, every burger tells a story of a particular city, through a specific selection of ingredients & mix of flavours designed to take your tastebuds on a trip ✈️

Sooo Manyyyy Optionsss 😍

Havana 🇨🇺

- Brioche bun, chicken patty, cheddar cheese, caramelised onion, fried egg & mayo

Montreal 🇨🇦

- Brioche bun, 2 beef patties, extra crispy bacon, American cheese, butterhead lettuce, sweet onion, fried egg & maple syrup.

Sinaloa 🇲🇽

- Brioche bun, 2 beef patties, spianata salami, Mexican cheese, Edam cheese, butterhead lettuce, crispy onion & tomato sauce.

Vienna 🇦🇹

- Brioche bun, vegan burger with beans & lentils, double vegan cheese & guacamole.

Burger Of The Month ⭐️

"The Hawaiian" 🍍

Brioche bun, double beef patty, bacon, porchetta, grilled pineapple & captain morgan sauce.

Sides & Bites 🤤

They've got everything from sweet potato fries, bacon and cheesy fries, chicken nuggets and over 10 different sauces!

BONUS: Tequeños - irresistible & iconic cheesy Venezuelan breadsticks, baked into crunchy tastebud-tingling spirals.

Ready To Make An Order? 😁 Details Below 👇

Orders can also be made through Bolt Food, Wolt & TimeToEat 😁

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