• Ryan Calleja Urry

Travel Safely With GasanMamo's New Covid-Friendly Insurance Plans ✈️

Ready To Taste Wanderlust Again? 🌎

If you're anything like me, you've definitely been looking at some new places to visit this summer after being stuck in Malta for so long.

Luckily, GasanMamo Insurance Limited is one of Malta's leading insurers with an established reputation of providing stellar service & a large range of insurance products - for individuals as well as for local businesses...

Worry Free Travel ✨

GasanMamo empathise with the many sacrifices made by the local community during the pandemic. One of the ways they show this is by providing cover in the event that their clients have to cancel a booked trip, if they contract the virus.

Not only that, cover is also provided for any medical expenses that come up if the person is required to quarantine, or isolate, or contracts the virus whilst abroad.

Want more? You'll also be covered if you contract the virus and have to cancel your trip before departure. These benefits come on top of all the benefits of regular insurance, like covering loss of money, passport and baggage.


Worldwide Coverage 🌎

Yep, their insurance plan is valid all over the globe, not just in Europe.

The extensive nature of this insurance plan means that you can travel to your heart's content without losing any benefits. It's also important to note that this applies to single trips as well as annual travel.

You'll also be covered for additional travel & accommodation expenses that you might need if you have to stay beyond your intended return date, together with any expenses needed to make your return trip home if you or a travel buddy are forced to quarantine or isolate.


All of the above is being offered for all travel policies issued with GasanMamo as from 1st June 2021 and can be purchased online from www.gasanmamo.com or through their branches across Malta and any of its authorised intermediaries.

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