• Ryan Calleja Urry

This Is Not A Drill 🚨 Benna Announce Their New Milkshake Multipacks Just In Time For Christmas 😲

Emergency Announcement ⚡️

This morning, Benna have announced that they'll be bringing back 3 of their fan-favourite milkshakes for the month of December!

Not only that, the 3 flavours will come in the form of a multipack, so you get 3 shakes in 1! 😍

The 3 Delicious Flavours 😍

#1 - White Chocolate - Like a Milkybar in drink form, mmm.

#2 - Vanilla Biscuit - Light, fresh & perfect for your sweet tooth!

#3 - Caramel Toffee - Not just caramel, not just toffee, both 🤯

These 3 flavours are a perfect combo for cuddle season. A great match for some dark chocolate or Christmas log, not to mention your breakfast or in your pre-lecture cereal 😅

The Multipack 😎

The Christmas multipack will combine all 3 delicious flavours in one, and will be available for a super limited time, between the 3rd of December and the 3rd of January.

You'll be able to find both colour options in all local supermarkets.

Bonus 🤩 For every pack purchased, a donation will be made to Istrina!

A Tasty Winter Treat 🥰

Not only are these shakes super tasty, but they're an easy & convenient pick-me-up for when zoom lectures are getting you frustrated. A comfort drink, if you will...

Hopefully, we end off 2020 sipping some delicious milkshakes, without a care in the world ❤️

Will you be picking up a Milkshake Multipack? 🤔

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