• Jack Attard Cassar

Things I Have Learnt From My Solo Travels Around The Globe

“It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” - The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho

Following Your Dreams

Coelho’s quote is all about being inspired to dream big & follow those dreams.

In the book The Alchemist, there’s a simple shepherd that ends up travelling the world. He faces adversity & challenges along the way to find a treasure he feels called for.

This book inspired me to spend 6 weeks in 2021 travelling a part of Europe on my own. More recently, it pushed me to leave tiny Malta & explore Asia & Australia for the next few years.

Exploring The World

I was 10 years old the 1st time I visited Australia. That trip started a dream - someday, I wanted to go & explore more of this huge continent.

As life gets busy, that childhood innocence dies out a bit & you stop believing in those big dreams anymore. Overcoming certain struggles then re-ignited the importance of my dream.

I had so many fears & anxieties in my head before starting my solo travels. So I travelled to Europe to learn how to handle these fears in an area where I felt more comfortable.

Here's What I Learned

When you want something, the universe will conspire to help you achieve it.

For me, travelling isn’t just about visiting a new place. I always go with a purpose in mind. Maybe it’s to make some friends, try the local delicacies or explore a unique location.

Through my travels, I’ve realised that when you want something, the world will help you along the way to achieve it. Keep in mind that it won’t always be easy or smooth sailing to get there.

“Accept your fears & use travel as a means to put yourself in situations that challenge them."

Say Yes More Than No!

So many cool opportunities can come up while you’re travelling. These are the perfect chance to step out of your comfort zone & just say YES.

The best & most memorable moments are the most spontaneous stuff, which can be at the end of saying yes. Obviously, still be careful & figure out what is a dangerous situation & what isn’t.

Also remember that whatever bad may happen, something good will usually come out of it. Just try to keep calm & figure out your next move.

Living Your Life To The Fullest

If you feel a calling towards travelling the world, don’t hesitate for 1 second to do it. You’ll learn things about yourself & do things you never expected you’d be able to do.

In Malta, there’s a certain expectation to grow up, get married, buy a house, retire at 65 & that’s it. But the truth is life is more than that.

There’s a beautiful world around us to explore. Life is short & the material things won’t matter. What will matter more is how you impact other people's lives & what you do with your own.