• Ryan Calleja Urry

The Benefits Of Online Banking For Students & Some Important Things To Be Aware Of 💸 🏦

Why Choose Online Banking?

One of the main reasons is the convenience. None of us like waiting in line, especially not in a bank. So, what could be better than carry out banking services from the comfort of your bedroom?

Not only will you be saving time, but certain services are available 24/7 at your convenience - meaning you'll always have access if you have your phone or a computer nearby.


Here Are Some Examples:

  • Be able to check your bank account details at any time

  • Bank transfer to third parties (to pay the rent, for example)

  • Manage any loans you may have

  • Top-up your mobile phone or pay bills

  • Check your bank statement to verify transactions

  • Find information about your debit & credit cards at your leisure

  • Have an easy & efficient path to get assistance from your bank's customer care


Staying Secure 🔒

Using online banking is very safe, however, you should always be aware of the risks:

  1. Always protect your password, security tokens, personal details & other confidential information at all times. Don't ever share this information with others.

  2. Secure your personal devices (computer, phone or tablet), through installing and updating security components like antivirus, firewalls & security patches. Also, be sure to regularly update your apps so they're always up to date.

  3. Consider the scam threats related to downloading software online. if you can't trust the source, don't press download!


Get Set Up!

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This informative campaign is provided by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). The MFSA is the single regulator of financial services in Malta and continuously seeks to create awareness and safeguard the interests of consumers in the financial services sector.

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The services offered through digital banking may very between different banks and depending on the medium used (whether computer or smartphone). You may wish to contact your bank and ask for more information. You should always refer to tariff sheet of the bank for the full list of fees being charged in respect of a service and/or product.


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