The Viral Maltese TikToker With 8.7 Million Views - A FreeHour Interview With Kirstel Giusti 😎

FreeHour Exclusive! This past weekend we got the opportunity to speak with Malta's most famous Tik-Tok creator, Kirstel. She has 100K followers, with multiple videos having millions of views. Her most viewed video has a whopping 8.7 million views 😱 She's super viral.

We decided to ask Kirstel a few questions about her life, her rise to Tik-Tok stardom, whether she's made any money off her social-media career and much more. Read on to get an in-depth look into one of Malta's most famous influencers!


1) So Kirstel, what's your story?

"I'm a 20-year-old girl that loves being creative. I’m a dancer, it’s my passion, and I've been at Annalise Dance Studio for 15/16 years now. I’ve also been into art ever since I can remember, and I have an interest in media and business. I’m actually a very quiet and shy type of person, you could say I lean more on the nerdy side haha. TikTok is what helps bring out my more extroverted side."

"I'm currently an MCAST student reading for my final year in Business Enterprise. My line of study has always been business, however, I'd like to try other things in the future too. "


2) Was it hard to gain followers? And have people ever recognised you in public? 📸

"Oh yes!! So many times!! It took me a while to get used to but yeah people actually recognize me and come to me asking for pictures haha. I’ve had both kids and teenagers come up to me. Actually, my friends and I hosted two meet & greets so far, and they've been successful! First one was with Riyana and Oxana (who are other high-followed Maltese Tik-Tok creators). The second was just me and Riyana. They were both super fun."

"With regards to gaining followers ... the hardest thing about my whole journey was triggering that first boost. When you generate like 10k, then people will follow you more easily. Back in my day, it was DEFINITELY much easier to gain followers.


3) How did you get started on TikTok, what's the story of your journey to 100k followers?

"I started TikTok quite casually and didn’t have many strategies for growth. During my first month, I only had like 100 followers. At the time though I was determined to have a video blow up. One night, I was scrolling through the 'for you' page and noticed how Harry Potter themed audio clips were about to become trending, so I quickly made a HP video myself and uploaded it so that people would see my video first. And that's exactly what happened, my HP video blew up immediately."

"That started driving loads of traffic to my profile, so I uploaded another video that showed off how I look. A video which I knew would also be powerful, and well, it blew up more than the HP video"

"After that, I had an opportunity to go on a popular Maltese television show, but I postponed it as I felt I wasn't really ready. Again I'm quite shy 😅"


4) Have you ever made money through TikTok? And do you have any advice for others just starting out?

"Okay if you reeaally wanna start a career on social media, my advice is to keep a balance between creating trendy content and doing your own thing. Interact with your audience, build a relationship, and know who you’re making content for. Be patient, these things don’t happen overnight."

"You can make money from TikTok, but you have to be pretty big. You can either make money from live-streams, or the usual influencer sponsorship deals. I personally have made something from my live-streams yes, and I've had multiple sponsorship opportunities too"


5) How do you feel about TikTok in general? Is it gonna get even more popular, or is it dying?

"I’m pretty confused about my perception of TikTok right now tbh. I do miss the old content a lot because it had more creative freedom. Nowadays older generations have started to enter, and it has apparently become “cool” lol. Content-wise I don’t like that TikTok is shifting to memes and relatable posts, it's making it a little harder for us OG’s 😢"

"I do believe it will get more popular though yes, especially now that the app is getting more media coverage."


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