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The Top 10 Instagram Accounts You NEED To Be Following ASAP! 🤩 👀

Looking For Some Fresh Content? 🌐

Here's our countdown of the top 10 Instagram accounts that all of you should be following, ranging from the artsy, to the tasty, to the hilarious 😅

#10 - @peoplebutwithsmallhead

This account is perfect for when you need a good laugh, one of the most random but eye-watering pages out there. It's also not super well known, so you can follow their rise to fame!

#9 - @8fact

For those of you who are more interested in the factual side of Instagram, @8fact has got you covered. With there daily posts, they really have you feeling educated, even if the information is completely pointless 🧐

#8 - @visubal

When it comes to all your sports fans @visubal is the place to be. They manage to keep you up to date on all forms of sports, whether you're into tennis or basketball ⛹️‍♂️

#7 - @natgeo

On a more serious note, @natgeo posts some beautiful pictures taken from all around the globe 🌎. Showing the vast corners of our world, they share some breathtaking pictures highlighting how stunning the world around us really is 😮

#6 - @maltesefoodlovers

Choosing somewhere to eat is always a struggle, luckily @maltesefoodlovers posts photos of an awesome selection of restaurants and cafes that you have to try!

With a wide range of food and loads of new places to try, we highly recommend checking them out next time you're stuck on where to go 😋

#5 - @tank.sinatra

When it comes to memes @tank.sinatra has some insane content that's sure to make you crack a smile. There are millions of meme accounts out there, but we think this one is particularly funny 😉

#4 - @dogs_infood

When you need a quick laugh, @dogs_infood is an easy fix. An account that manages to make you awww and cry with laughter at the same time. With their insane editing skills, it becomes near impossible to spot the pup 🐶

#3 - @fashiondads_

Wondering what's happening in the dad fashion industry? @fashiondads_ posts updates on some of the best dad fashion statements to date. If you're ever in need of fashion #inspo, we highly recommend it! 😂 #toostylish 🤦‍

#2 - @Rap

Are you slacking when it comes to rap culture? @Rap has you covered. With frequent updates on hip-hop culture, you'll never miss a Drake release again. They also post random facts about your favourite artists, as well as little known insights on the industry 🎤

#1 - @beautifuldestinations

Arguably one of Instagram's best accounts for travel photography and a dope luxury aesthetic. If you're longing for a trip this upcoming year, hopefully when COVID slows down a little, this is a great source for destination inspiration 😍

BONUS - @freehour_malta

As a bonus, you might want to check out this page we came across called "FreeHour". If you haven't heard of them, they post loads of relatable memes, local news and aesthetic content.

Would highly recommend checking them out 😉 😅

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