• Ryan Calleja Urry

In Case You Missed Them, Here Are FreeHour's Top 10 Articles of 2019 👨‍🎓 😍

With 2019 finally behind us, we thought we’d give you guys a quick recap of our favourite articles of the year. If you missed one, we’ve added links to each entry so that you can get caught up - enjoy!

1. Winter Is Here 😩 Here Are 6 Underrated Uni Spots To Protect You From The Rain ☔️

With this article, we decided to help our students out by creating a handy map of some convenient spots to protect them from the weather, we know how cold it can get!

2. The 5 Memories That'll Make You Feel Super Nostalgic About Leaving Secondary School 😭

You might not think about secondary school often, but when you do the emotions are sure to come right back. This article was a compilation of the things we all miss from our young teen years.

3. The 7 Useful Desk Gadgets For Maltese Students To Upgrade Their Workspace 👩‍💻

An article full of helpful recommendations, this one was focused on pushing students to level up their workspace.

4. The 5 Exotic Holiday Experiences For Maltese Students With No Planning Needed 🌴 😱

Travel is always a dream break as a student, in this article we recommended some amazing trips students can go on with absolutely no planning required.

5. The 7 Apps & Websites Students Need For Managing Their School/Life Balance 😬

Our favourite articles tend to be the ones that give the most value to our community. This article is one of the best examples of that, if you haven't checked it out yet I would highly recommend it. You'll definitely learn something new.

6. 10 Maltese Creators Going Super Viral on Tik-Tok 😱

TikTok got super popular in 2019 - in this article we ranked the Maltese creators that made us proud by raking in millions of views and likes over the course of the year.

7. The Viral Maltese TikToker With 8.7 Million Views - A FreeHour Interview With Kirstel Giusti 😎

In an exclusive interview with FreeHour, Malta's most viral TikTok creator Kirstel answered a few of our questions and gave us insight into the life of a tiktoker...

8. The 6 Stereotypical Students You're Going To Meet This Year 😨 😂

There are certain students that we all know and encounter no matter what. Here's a short guide to the ones we know you're going to meet this year, if you don't know them already.

9. Haven't Got Your Maintenance Grant Yet? Send These E-mail Templates To Speed Up The Process 💰 🎓

After yet another year of maintenance grant issues, we took it upon ourselves to create e-mail templates to help students get their grant faster - a lot of people found this one super helpful!

10. The Top 5 Toilets On Uni Campus To Save You In Those Sh*tty Situations 😅

We like to joke around sometimes, but this article still manages to pack some good value. I'd advise you give it a read, but as a warning, just know that not all bathrooms at uni have been created equal...

Thank you all for reading & supporting our content in 2019! We're stepping it up in 2020 😉

Happy new year 🎉