• Corrine Zahra

The Taboo On Abortion In Malta & What An Abortion Actually Means

Abortion Law In Malta

Abortion in Malta is one of the most controversial topics, so much so that many people consider it too taboo to talk about.

Malta has one of the strictest anti-abortion laws in the world & is the only country in the European Union to prohibit abortion entirely.

Last June, the European Parliament declared abortion a human right, confronting countries like Malta & Poland who both have restrictive abortion laws. Poland's courts ruled out a ban on all abortions except for cases of rape & incest, resulting in thousands protesting in the streets of Warsaw.


Breaking The Stigma

Women who decide to terminate their pregnancy have multiple reasons, yet the biggest one would be that it is their body, their choice.

Not every woman is ready to experience a pregnancy, can afford it, & is ready to change her entire life because a system deems that she has to give birth.

Pregnancy itself could be a traumatic experience for women who are not mentally prepared to see their bodies changing, hormones affecting their mental state, as well as the responsibility of bearing & taking care of a child.

What Are Your Options?

What Is The Abortion Pill?

The abortion pill is not the same thing as the morning after pill. When you take the abortion pill, the pregnancy is rejected by the body like a natural miscarriage.

The pills can be taken up to 14 weeks of a pregnancy at the comfort of your own home. These pills are illegal in Malta & are not available in any local pharmacies.

Hundreds of women in Malta each year purchase abortion pills online from reliable pro-choice organisations. It is recommended to have someone you trust with you when using abortion pills at home.


Surgical Clinical Abortions

Women in Malta who opt for clinical abortions have to travel abroad to countries such as the UK, Netherlands & Spain.

According to the European Court of Human Rights, women in Malta have the right to: "obtain information about abortion and make arrangements to have an abortion overseas".

The Maltese law does not criminalise having an abortion in countries where it is legal. If you assist or help someone to get an abortion, you are also under protection & will not be charged.


Does Malta Need More Open Discussions On Abortion?