• Daniel Tihn

The Samsung Galaxy Fold Might Be Back In Action After Reports Of Its Fix

If you even remotely follow the tech world, you will remember the massive flop that was the Samsung Galaxy Fold's launch. Two days ahead of their Chinese launch, Samsung pushed back their launch indefinitely due to technical issues with the phone that multiple early testers and reviewers experienced. Well, just over 2 months since the cancelled launch, an insider has announced that they have finally fixed the folding phone.


The Galaxy Fold's Failure

Like most mobile or tech launches, Samsung sent out the Galaxy Fold to companies and influencers ahead of their launch to start getting opinions and review out there, but the feedback wasn't too good. Not only were people experiencing the same problems, but they were also experiencing different glitches for different reasons.

There were two main problems to the phone, the first being that dirt was getting stuck behind the fold itself as users began to stress test the capabilities of the phone. The second was blamed on the reviewers themselves as they removed a thin film which was on-top of the screen as they thought it was a screen protector of some kind, causing a myriad of technical problems.


The New Re-Design

Samsung has spent the last 2 months hard at work trying to fix any and all problems with the phone, especially after some of their previous... explosive failures. On the 3rd of July, a Samsung insider came forward and announced that they had made 3 key changes to the smartphone in an effort to fix all of the technical issues.

The first fix addresses the first problem of dirt getting trapped behind the screen. The solution was obviously to make the gap smaller to ensure that nothing gets into the phone (genius!). The second problem was fixed by extending the film all the way across the screen and into the bezel to make sure no one can take it off (once again, genius!).

The third change is a refinement to the hinge, making it push up a little when the phone is unfolded, making the fold and the film nearly invisible in this form. While this is isn't exactly a fix, it is more of an improvement to the phone as they try to sweep the past under the covers.


The Way Forward For The Fold

Back in June, Samsung said that the phone was nearly fully fixed, but after this insider spoke to Bloomberg, we might be seeing the Fold's return in the near future. While Samsung may not feel stressed about rushing out the phone after Huawei also postponed their folding Mate X, they may feel a little pressure to get the Fold out as soon as possible in working condition.

It is also clear that this phone isn't for most consumers. Currently priced at €2000, they won't be flooding the market in millions but, if done well, Samsung will be able to show off their creativity and innovation. Let's just hope that this time the phone will actually be reliable...


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