Our Oceans Are Littered With 2 Million Cigarettes A Year - Is This Starting To Affect Our Food? 😳

Turns out, cigarettes aren't just bad for you, they're also terrible for the environment. Who would've guessed? Apart from polluting their own lungs as well as the lungs of others, smokers have also been polluting the ocean in record numbers...


Poisoning The Seas

When people think of ocean pollution, they usually picture glass bottles or oil spills. That, or that scene from "Happy Feet" where that one penguin had a deadly plastic necklace.

poor dude

Either way, ocean pollution isn't just about plastic, metal or glass.

In fact, as much as these kinds of pollution are heavily frowned upon, none of them cause as much harm as cigarette butts do. Cigarette butts release all of those toxic chemicals we all know about into the ocean, not only poisoning the natural wildlife, but quickly coming back around to poison humanity, since a large percentage of us enjoy eating seafood.


Too Many Butts 🚬

According to data collected by NGO Ocean Conservancy, who have been organising ocean cleanups for almost 40 years, they alone have collected around 60 million cigarette butts.

That's a huge number, indicating yet another climate crisis. Plus, not only is the ocean pollution bad, but millions and millions of tourists around the world are also heavily polluting our beaches - which only compounds this issue.

Please don't be lazy, the world is not an ashtray. That's literally why we invented ashtrays...

it's easy


A Call For Action

As you can see, this polluting problem is probably not going to be slowing down.

People need to realise that cigarette filters are not biodegradable

This frequency of littering will (and has already) cause irreversible damage to our oceans, our food, and ultimately the health of innocent non-smokers & children through the poisoned food that ends up on their dinner plate.

Change all starts with you, the individual.

Be responsible with your trash. Participate in cleanups. Spread awareness 🌍


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