• Daniel Tihn

The Long & Excruciating Wait Is Over, A-Level Results Are Finally Here

On Saturday, 8th June 2019, the official wait began. Although most students finished most of their exams much earlier, Summer began for every A-level (and O-level) student on the island. At first, it was fun and relaxing knowing that the exams were finally over yet stress was just around the corner as the coming of results started to loom over your head.

Did I do well enough? Will I have resits? God, I really hate SOK. All these thoughts were going through student's heads, and now all their questions are being answered.

While texts haven't started to be sent yet, some students have received their results by post. So check your post-boxes, take a deep breathe, and goodluck.

EDIT: Students are starting to receive texts with their results. Early bird catches the worm I guess. The results are coming in by index number, so for all those in the 2000s, you may have to wait a tad bit more.


Tell us in the comments how you did in your exams and how you plan to spend the rest of you Summer. ☀️