• Daniel Tihn

The Grind To Get More Money: 6 Classic Student Summer Jobs 💸

Although we do get a monthly stipend, it is nowhere near enough to help us get through the year (if you want a little boost to your final stipend, then don't forget to enter our double stipend giveaway). So, in regular student fashion, Summer has turned into the money grinding season, either finding a job or going in for more hours at your part-time place. But since you are still studying, you aren't going to be splitting the atom just yet, so it's time to look for a job that is within your expertise.


Have you ever wanted to work super hard, put blood and sweat into your job and barely get paid for it? Well, do I have the job for you. Being a waiter does have its benefits such as flexible hours, you can find a place close to your house, and you will earn a few tips here and there, that is unless you work weddings. If you work weddings and events then boy are you in for trip. Not only are the customers a little bit ruder, but you have that added bit of extra pressure to not screw over someone's big day. Also, you will never get tips, like, ever.

So the next time you are at a restaurant, don't be cheap and tip the waiter.

Sales Assistant

Speaking of rude customers, welcome to sales. While you aren't serving food and carrying around drinks as you struggle to not fall onto someone, being a sales assistant means you need to work closer to these random and infuriating people. Whether they were sent by the devil himself or just having the worst day of their live's, they will do anything and everything to ruin your day, be rude to you, or blatantly ignore you when you try to help them. But apart from that, it's pretty chill.

I.T. Assistant

Working in I.T. is usually fun and quite okay if that is the field of expertise you wish to pursue, but it really makes you wonder about the world. It makes you question Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection, and how the people in your office have made it so far in life without being hit by a car or accidentally electrocuting themselves.

And now, a reenactment of an I.T. assistant helping someone fix their computer:

"My mouse isn't working."

"Is it plugged in?"

"Of course it's plugged in, I'm not stupid, you know."

"So what is this USB dangling off the side of your desk?"

"Idk, never seen it before in my life"


The beautiful thing about being an intern is that you get to work in a job that you actually want to be in, but it comes with one tiny little flaw. No dough. Interning is fun and gives you a lot of experience but if you are broke sal-bajd then this may not be the option for you. There are internships out there that you can get payed for and schemes that give you a small allowance for your work, but expect to be getting a lot of coffee, going on food runs, and working super hard to impress your colleagues in the hopes that you will someday get paid for the job you are doing now.

Customer Calls

If you combine the job role of sales assistant and I.T. assistant, you get this beautiful thing called a call centre. By answering customer calls, you need to help people with their problems, usually tech related, as they badly explain their problem and expect you to figure out what they are trying to say. Customers will assume that you are the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, able to perform miracles for them when in actual fact you can't do anything, nor do you want to help them as they blame you for every problem they have with the company.

Group Leader

Being a group leader is quite tough as you walk around in the hot sun on beaches, boats, and in Comino. Oh, did I say tough, cause that sounds pretty lit, tbh. Being a group leader is super fun, but it does have its own cons such as double shifts, tiring days, and a weak pay. You don't have to take care of kids as most of the people in your group will be around your age, meaning you also get to make new friends and hangout with them, making the long and boiling days rewarding.

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