• Ryan Calleja Urry

5 Healthy Food Spots You Need To Visit Around University Campus 🥑 💚

Finding places with good healthy food options is getting less and less difficult as the years go by, with the uni area being no exception to this trend. Most restaurants have vegetarian or vegan options nowadays, with some of them even being dedicated vegan spots. Below are some of our favourite picks, give them a try, and let us know what you think!

1. J'Oli - University Campus & Sliema

This "Sandwich Salad Bar" is a great option for people looking for tasty and healthy alternatives to their usual meals. J'Oli pride themselves on using only the freshest ingredients that include no added preservatives. Call ahead of time and have your order ready when you arrive, with their menu consisting of either wraps or salads, that are split by sea, meat, and veg. They also have a couple of hot options for you spice lovers out there.

the brains behind the beans - Jean and Oliver

2. Health Plus - University Campus

You can find this little gem of convenience right beneath the uni canteen. Commonly known as the health shop, you can find anything from soup to panadols here, seriously they've got everything. If a healthy snack shop and a pharmacy had a baby this would be it. It's also a great option since it's on campus, meaning you can stop by for an energy boost between lessons without breaking a sweat.

3. Eeetwell - Opening soon at Uni instead of NYB!

Eeetwell have always been a great option, with many of their customers being very loyal visitors. So loyal in fact, that Eeetwell are now able to open 2 new locations, which are set to replace the old NYB stores. Their menu is made up of wraps and salads, just like J'Oli, but these guys have a couple of ciabattas and grain options too for anyone wanting some more variety. Apart from the great food, they also have some killer drinks and juices, with a specific set of Whey Protein infused smoothies aimed directly at regular gym goers, super! (btw, if you can't wait for their new place to open, you can check them out in St. Julian's, Valletta, Gzira, & Mrieħel too 🙃)

4. Food & food - University Campus

This little supermarket-esque store is another option that's perfect for quick bites between lessons. Located right next to the aforementioned old NYB, you can find plenty of healthy juices, wraps, sandwiches and more in this tiny & convenient store. Most of their options are quite cheap too, making them a fan favourite among students.


5. Dr. Juice - University Campus, Gżira & St. Julians

Last but not least, we can't forget to mention the big daddy of all health options, the doctor himself. If you haven't heard of Dr. Juice, you're either paying monthly rent to live under a rock, or you're following exactly 0 girls on instagram, because you really can't miss this brand on social media. Whether it be their delicious smoothies, or their super long list of vegan food options, there's plenty to love about this place. They even have their very own loyalty system that gives you a free size upgrade with every 5 drinks you buy, very smooth indeed.

If you're not as health oriented...check out our go-to comfort food spots to stick to your ways 😅🍔 Also, be sure to check out FreeHour's in-app #StudentOffers tab to save on your favourite outlets!