• Daniel Tihn

The First Fortnite World Cup Won By 16-Year Old U.S. Student, Earning $3 MILLION 💸

On Sunday, the 28th of July, the first Fortnite World Cup Finals were hosted in New York City. With approximately 16,000 people in attendance to watch the 100 participants battle it out for the top spot, the 5 hour-long event saw a domination by the event's winner Kyle 'Bugha' Giersdorf as he made his way to the $3 million prize.

The Fortnite World Cup started off months ago as weekly online qualifying sessions started selecting the best players all around the world each with the same goal, to get to the finals. A total of 40 million people took part in these qualifiers, which was then slimmed down to the top 100 players. Representing 30 different countries from across the globe, the final showdown was held in New York City and lasted a total of 5 hours, the games taking up 3 hours and 40 minutes.

The Finals consisted of 6 rounds, with each round giving players a certain amount of points which were then totalled up to find the ultimate winner. The points were allocated across how long you survived and the amount eliminations you got per round.

This not only meant that the players had to be good, but it meant they had to be consistent across 6 separate games, ensuring that random drops and storm locations catching you out didn't completely screw over players' chances at winning.

The first round was won by Kyle 'Bugha' Giersdorf, who got 9 elimination and won the Victory Royale, shooting him into the lead of the scoreboards. While he never won another game, he consistently played well and remained in first place across the whole tournament, dying in the top 10 of the final round with a smile on his face, knowing that no one could get enough points to catch up to him.

Scoring a total of 59 points, 16-year old Bugha won $3 million (just shy of €2.7 million) from the events total prize pool of $40 million ($10 million of which was given away during qualifiers). The ages of contestants went as low as 13 which included 5th place finalist King (who won $900,000), leaving Bugha right in the average age range of contestants on the older end of the scale. That's not something you hear every day.

Multiple players mother's have made it clear that they were against their children's gaming habits, yet after bringing home large amounts of money from their gaming skills, they may be changing their tune, especially since every finalist was earning a minimum of $50,000 just for getting there.


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