• Daniel Tihn

Maltese Students React: The Eurovision 2019

Another year, another exciting installation of the Eurovision Song Contest. Everyone in Malta went in with high hopes as we followed Michela's journey into the contest, believing that Chameleon was strong enough to at least reach top 10, yet this did not seem to be the case. Although this did come as a disappointment (we are still proud of you Michela!), we did get a couple of bangers along the way.

1. The Netherlands: Arcade - Duncan Laurence

When all the songs were announced and released, The Netherlands were at the top of the favourites to win, leading to this result not having much of a surprise. People seemed to agree with this as 84% of students liked the song which is quite a large majority.

2. Italy: Soldi - Mahmood

In the runner-up spot, Italy was another fan favourite with 79% having enjoyed the songs fast and rhythmic pace. The song is the fourth time that a Eurovision song has included Arabic in it as we get told the sad and true story of Mahmood's fatherless upbringing.

3. Russia: Sergey Lazarev - Scream

Taking home bronze, Russia had a powerful performance yet Malta's consensus seems to be on the contrary. With only 37% positive feedback, Russia shouldn't have been in the top 10, let alone in the top 3.

4. Switzerland: Luca Hänni - She Got Me

Finishing fourth, this is first time that Switzerland has gotten top five since 1993. Was it his looks, his voice, or his song? Either way, with 77% of you guys giving it positive feedback, it deserves its spot.

5. Norway: KEiiNO - Spirit in the Sky

This pop-y song follows the struggle for equal rights as we listen to this English and Northern Sami mixed song. Sitting at 50/50, this song split the polls down the middle as half enjoyed it and the other half didn't. Really helpful data guys -_-

6. Sweden: John Lundvik - Too Late For Love

With a staggering 83% of positive feedback, Maltese students seem to agree that Sweden should have been higher on the list. One thing we can agree on is that, after John Lundvik wrote Bigger Than Us (the UK's entry), we are thankful they chose not to perform it.

7. Azerbaijan: Chingiz - Truth

On stage, Azerbaijan chose to have a weird performance as lasers projected a geometric heart onto Chingiz's chest which didn't seem to go down well with our Maltese audience. This song was deemed mediocre at best with its 54% positive rating.

8. North Macedonia: Tamara Todevska - Proud

Revolving around women's pride (its release was even postponed to be released on International Women's Day), North Macedonia delivered a slow and meaningful performance. Only getting 36% in our polls, maybe Maltese audience's missed the point or simply didn't like its style and pace.

9. Australia: Kate Miller-Heidke - Zero Gravity

Once again, we all question ourselves why Australia is still in the Eurovision. At 24% positivity, Zero Gravity was our lowest rated song as the majority disagreed with the performances swinging poles and the yodeling hehehe's.

10. Iceland: Hatari - Hatrið mun sigra

One of the more unique songs of the contest, Iceland performed a heavy techno song with death metal-like lyrics. While only earning 27% positive feedback, we can all agree that these dudes are ballsy for showing the Palestinian scarf during one of their close-ups.

That wraps up your guys' thoughts on this years Eurovision top 10. Taking your votes, here is Malta's top 10 true order:

  1. The Netherlands

  2. Sweden

  3. Italy

  4. Switzerland

  5. Azerbaijan

  6. Norway

  7. Russia

  8. North Macedonia

  9. Iceland

  10. Australia

Do you think that other songs deserved to be top 10? Tell us in the comments what you think should be on this list and what you would take out.