• Corrine Zahra

The Desperate Need For An Open Sexual Education System For Maltese Teens & Students

Sex education in Malta has always been a topic the educational system has tended to avoid, but most youths in Malta want Sex-Ed to be the loudest topic out there - it's about time.

With our generation raised glued to their phones, kids are learning about sex early on & not always from the right sources which is why Malta desperately needs to step up its game.

There's always been a sense of shame when it comes to educating youths in Malta. The main idea which is promoted by educators & parents is abstinence - but that's not realistic. Rather, it's ineffective & just avoids talking about sex.


Let's Talk About Sex

Most advocates in Malta think that Sex-Ed should be introduced at primary level which is the time most children start to go through puberty.

Most teenagers become sexually active & experiment because it's part of growing up.

Instead of exploring things on their own & making mistakes, teenagers need to be informed.

Millennials & early Gen Z know what it means to learn about sex with only illustrations & diagrams of genital organs, explained from a scientific perspective, but not about sexuality.


It's Time To Grow Up

Malta's sexual health policy paper hasn't been updated since 2010, in which an updated version was meant to be released last year by the government, yet hasn't been done so yet.

Although the policy paper is meant to guide educators on what to teach, the medical perspective behind sex only scaremongers teenagers because it's too complicated & not what they need to hear.

Thankfully there's a team out there helping Maltese youths - Willingess Malta. They’ve been uploading videos on TikTok giving advice on dating, relationships and sex. They’ve done well to start discussion on much needed topics.


Parents Getting Involved

Sex education should start at home but there are still many parents who are embarrassed to talk to their kids about sex. Others simply don't know how to talk to their kids because they never had "the talk" from their own parents.

Many parents have raised concerns over their kids learning about sex & sexuality from a young age since too much information may scare them or encourage experimentation.

There's nothing wrong with experimentation, rather it's the stigma around it that's toxic. Schools need to step up their game & inform teenagers, whilst also consulting parents on how to be supportive.


The Importance Of Being Informed

Malta has experienced a decrease in teenage pregnancies within this past decade, however Malta has one of the highest teenage pregnancies in the EU. Ultimately, this means the system fails to educate these youths on sex.

Early pregnancies are the main reason why a revision of Malta's Sex-Ed system is being promoted, however it shouldn't be the only reason.

Maltese teens deserve to have an up-to-date education, especially when it comes to the different types of contraceptives one can use.


Do You Think Teachers & Parents Need To Be More Open On Sex-Ed?