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The 9 New & Strict COVID-19 Measures For 6th Forms 🚨

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After Primary & Secondary School regulations were announced just a few weeks ago, Maltese students are again facing new protective measures - this time for 6th Forms.

The Main Measures:

#1 - The smaller the size for in-person learning, the lower the risk to students. Therefore, schools are encouraged to keep the size of each group of students as small as possible.

#2 - Maximum efforts should be made to maintain an adequate physical distance of 1.5

metres between students.

#3 - At Post-Secondary schools/institutions it is recommended that students wear masks and/or visors at all times. Exceptions would be made to the wearing of mask or visors when students are exercising, or for specific medical conditions.

#4 - Staff members are required to wear a face mask and/or visor at all times when in the

presence of students and other staff, indoors & outdoors.

#5 - All staff members in staff rooms must keep an adequate physical distance of two metres from other staff members. Adequate care must be taken in staff rooms to avoid excess socialising. Each person should be responsible to clean the surfaces before and after use. Meetings should be held virtually wherever possible. The number of teachers in staff rooms and the time spent in the staff room should be reduced a minimum.

#6 - Timetabling should be set up in a way to have the least movements and mixing of students as possible. Very accurate records need to be kept of the movements of students at all times in order to facilitate contract tracing by the Public Health authorities.

#7 - Similarly, carrying out lessons outdoors dilutes the presence of the viral particles in the air, thus contact tracing would consider this as a mitigating factor against the spread when considering close contacts who should be placed in quarantine.

#8 - The policy of staying home if unwell should be enforced for students & staff members.

#9 - In such a situation of sustained community spread of coronavirus, partial/full school closures may need to be instituted with learning continuing by virtual means until it is possible to resume in-person learning again.

Parents are also being encouraged to drive their children to school whenever possible, so as to avoid public transport.

Stay safe 🦠

The above points were just a summary of the 30-page document that has been released.

If you'd like to read it in full, just click here 👈

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