The 6 Initiatives KSU Have Suggested To Ensure Student Safety & Academic Stability Amid Lockdown 🔒

With loads of general unrest & anxiety going around at the moment, KSU have stepped in to give students some clarity on the steps that should be taken moving forward, to protect the lives & best interests of students in this delicate time.

Below is a digestible summary of the steps they recommended in their full statement.

Step 1. Keep The Ball Rolling ⚽️

Following the shutdown of UM - reading material, presentation summaries & online lectures are being offered to students to ensure that the usual academic schedule is kept alive.

Lectures that cannot be done online should be rescheduled as soon as school resumes.

Step 2. Temporary Bans 🚫

All activities & events that were planned to be held on UM campus, that require the use of

UM facilities in any way, should also be postponed.

These bans will extend up until the end of Easter recess, strict adherence is imperative.

Step 3. Time To Re-Group 😜

KSU have suggested that group work should continue as normal via online media, however, it acknowledges the fact that this may compromise the final quality of the assignments.

In light of this, KSU have also suggested that deadline dates are reconsidered and potentially extended in order to give students some extra time.

Step 4. Better Safe Than Sorry 👀

When it comes to students that suffer from chronic illnesses such as auto-immune

diseases, an extension for their suspension from UM should be considered.

A University directive should recommend that these students who are at greater

risk, should consult their respective medical professionals to determine the length

of their suspension.

Step 5. Providing Mental Support 🧠

Support & advisory services should be kept open throughout the entirety of school suspension - to safeguard the mental health of students that may be feeling overwhelmed.

Many students could experience a spike in anxiety or panic, and it's important to negate this and offer constructive & practical advice on how to better deal with this pandemic.

Step 6. Placements & Practicals 🧪

All placement hours should be recovered through other means and methods at the earliest convenience, with priority being given to final year students.

If any students feel the need to participate in practical sessions (even though not advised), they are to contact their respective faculty, & admission would be at the faculty’s discretion.

Remote work should be encouraged and human contact should remain at a minimum.

If you'd like to read the full official statement from KSU themselves - it's right here 😇