• Ryan Calleja Urry

The 8 Best Dog-Gadgets That Every Pet Owner Needs In 2020 🐶 😎

Pet owners rejoice! We've come up with a quick list of very useful items for pet owners and pets alike, just in time for the summer months!

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#1 - The Ice-Cold Collar ❄️

Summer is right around the corner, if you've been outside recently you've definitely felt the heat. Now, if you can feel the heat, be sure that your furry friend can feel it too. So how are you gonna keep him / her cool? A cool collar of course! 👇


#2 - A Hands-Free Adventure 🙌

This one's purely for your convenience. Whether you're an actual jogger, or just want to have two hands free while walking your doggo, this leash-to-waist product is the perfect solution.


#3 - The Tasty Toy 😲

Not only is this chew-toy super durable and resistant to sharp teeth - it's also beef flavoured! That means your lil buddy gets to chew endlessly AND it tastes delicious...in other words, if you don't buy this then you must hate your dog 😂


#4 - A Self-Cooling Sleep 😎

Another great item for the summer months is this self-cooling mat. It allows for your dog to enjoy the summer heat, without the worry of getting too hot. You can also bring the mat with you anywhere you go, so your dog always has a cool seat to chill on! ❄️


#5 - Automatic Snacks ⏱

What are you waiting for? Automatic feeders are cheap and train your dogs to eat at the same time every day, super useful and save you some hassle in the process - go for it!


#6 - Pupper Tracking 📍

Another no-brainer here. Losing your dog would a very very tragic thing, so please do you and your pet a favour and ensure that never happens! Again, these devices are cheap, and safety should always be your #1 priority anyways.


#7 - Furry Fix 🐩

There's nothing worse than finding fur on literally everything in your home, so, invest in a more heavy-duty brush to make sure you can clean your pup effectively. Just 2 minutes a day with this thing is enough to keep your home fur-free 😇


#8 - Easy Cleaning 🧽

2 in 1 alert! This product serves as a handy washing brush, and also doubles as a very efficient "bristle bowl" that can be used to efficiently clean your pets' paws! The perfect tool for a post-walk cleanup 😇


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