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The 6 New & Strict COVID-19 Measures For Schools In Malta - Will Uni & 6th Forms Be Next? 🤔 👀

More measures 😲

Following another action-packed news briefing from Charmaine Gauci, Maltese students are again facing with new protective measures - this time for primary & secondary schools.

It's important to ask though - if these measures will be taking place, will they also be carried out in higher levels of schooling too? (such as UM / 6th forms)

Surely they should...right? 🤔

The Main Changes:

#1 - Students older than 11 years old must wear masks throughout the school day 😷

#2 - Students younger than 11 can remove their masks in class, but not outside of class 🚫

#3 - Staff must wear masks throughout the school day 👀

#4 - All students will have their temperature checked before entering school 🤒

#5 - There will be a special kind of "COVID room" for anyone that starts feeling sick 🦠

#6 - Hand sanitiser will be provided on school transport, masks must be worn on board 🚐

Continuing on the above points, Charmaine has also promoted a "class bubble" approach, whereby students will spend their entire day with their respective class, including break.

“This can be carried out easily in primary schools but it must also be carried out in secondary as much as possible to avoid students from different classes interacting with each other as much as possible, especially during break time” - she said.

Charmaine also urged schools to keep the number of students in each class as low as possible, in order to maximise the effectiveness of social distancing.

Parents are also being encouraged to drive their children to school whenever possible, so as to avoid public transport as much as possible.

At least we're being safe 😇

On top of all the above, talks are currently ongoing between the Education Ministry and the Malta Union of Teachers for an online teaching model to be implemented for those students that will have to remain home for one reason or another.

Hopefully, this alongside all the aforementioned precautions lead to a safe and successful reopening of schools - fingers crossed 🤞

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