• Ryan Calleja Urry

The 6 NEW Regulations Hair Salons In Malta Have To Follow Before Reopening This Friday 😷 ✂️

Following Robert Abela's press conference, it's been announced that hair salons, beauticians and restaurants will be allowed to reopen their doors this Friday, the 22nd.

Another noteworthy announcement was made by Chris Fearne, who revealed that a number of health services will also be opening up, along with outpatient services at Mater Dei.

The Regulations 🚨

#1 - Max capacity of 1 person per 10 square metres, excluding staff 👨‍👩‍👦

#2 - Perspex barriers should be fitted in reception areas (2 metres from the floor) 🚧

#3 - Workstations/styling chairs must be kept at a minimum distance of 2 metres from each other or separated by 2 metres high perspex. (To be cleaned regularly) ✂️

#4 - Hand sanitizers must be made available at reception & near all workstations for employee & client use 🧼

#5 - Clients & Staff must wear a mask (covering mouth, nose & chin) or visor at all times 🤿

#6 - Shaving and restyling of beards is prohibited 🚫

Alongside the relaxation of certain measures, these safety precautions are very important in keeping cases at a minimum. Do you agree that salons should have been opened in the first place though? 🤔

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