• Ryan Calleja Urry

The 5 Traits Employers Look For When Hiring & How To Impress As Soon As You Get Hired 🥳

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Employee Excellence Awaits 💙

Looking to start your career? Just got hired? The following is a quick list of a few of the main qualities that employers look for when judging your day-to-day performance. If you want to impress in an interview, or get a promotion as fast as possible - take note 😉


1. Self-Sufficiency.

Employers need workers that are independent and self-sufficient. Hand-holding is the last thing a company wants to be doing, especially if there are already training programmes in place. You need to be able to learn quick, and improve even quicker.

Show your supervisors and bosses that you're self-motivated. Figure out what needs to get done and just do it. A pat on the back is always nice, but it shouldn't be something that your day-to-day performance depends on.


2. No Office Yoga, But Be Flexible.

In today's day and age, even before the pandemic, job descriptions are constantly evolving and changing. Know what that means? It means an ideal candidate can also change and evolve alongside the growing demands of the industry.

Obviously, a company does not want to fire you, and waste time hiring and training someone else. So, showing your employers that you're a great multi-purpose tool whenever needed is super important.

Make sure you show interest in growing within your role, you need to be equally productive in every environment you're put in.


3. Team Spirit.

Following on the previous point, employers are looking for people who will join their team and be an asset to collaborative processes. Show your employers you can carry your own weight when helping out other team members, and smile while you do it.

Believe it or not, your mood will strongly affect your colleagues, so having an employee that's always cheerful and communicating effectively when handling group projects is an incredible trait that employers will love you for.

Your workspace should be a family, and you should contribute to building those relationships.


4. The Willingness To Listen & Learn.

Be humble - a strong ego and a healthy workplace cannot coexist. If you want to grow in your role the right way, and not cause unnecessary friction between your colleagues and your bosses, you have to keep any ego you might have in check.

People hate know it alls, and people hate unwarranted abrasiveness, if you choose to embody these qualities - people will hate you. Instead - be kind, be open-minded, be fully able to admit your faults and embrace the power of listening to other opinions.

Your workplace will be a much happier one if you do.


5. Be Reliable.

You need to be someone that they can depend on. You need to be honest at all times so that those above you know you can be trusted. Focus on being a mature professional, one that doesn't demand vacation days in the busy season, one that's always there when called upon.

At the end of the day, a huge part of performing well in your role and impressing your employers is simply being a good person. One with a strong moral backbone that does his/her best at all times, in all situations.


Best Of Luck 💼

Be sure to communicate all of the above traits when you get into your interview, then show you have them in your day-to-day.

Frankly, these traits are ones you should adopt in your everyday life and relationships anyways, you shouldn't need to get paid to be a good person.

Regardless, we all have difficulty with being our best selves at times, so have empathy for your shortcomings when they do happen.

Just try your best, that's more than enough 😉


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