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The 5 Stages To A Job Interview & How To Maximise Your Chances Of Getting Hired 💼

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Not As Scary As You Think 🥰

Despite all the hype around interviews, they're usually not as horrible as people make them out to be. To try and offer some reassurance, we've come up with a quick interview guide to help walk you through every step of the way, along with tips for each - let's get started!


1. Research & Prep ✅

It's roughly a week before your interview and you're wondering what exactly you can do to prepare yourself for the experience. Here's a tip, treat the interview just like it's a test.

What would you do for a test? Hopefully you'd study right? An interview is no different. Look up the companies website and social media accounts and take notes on their brand values and how they communicate.

You should also review their job listing and study the "ideal candidate" section. Use the above two pieces of information as a guide on how you should behave within the interview.

Remember: Always do your research ahead of time, it's half the battle.


2. The Morning Of ☀️

Don't be nervous.

Okay maybe that's easier said than done, but get this: The part of your brain that handles the feeling of nervousness is also the part that handles the feeling of excitement, and if you think about it, these feelings are actually very similar.

On this note, there's a popular life hack that suggests you start telling yourself you're excited instead of nervous, and according to a lot of people it actually works

Remember: Be confident in yourself, refer to your research, be on time & dress nice.


3. The Interview Room 🗣

The time has come, you've made it to the interview desk and you're sitting across the table from your potential employer/s. Here's the trick: act like they're your best friends.

The best way to sell yourself is to simply be yourself. Don't put on a front, don't talk differently, don't change how you act. Interviewers are experts at spotting people being disingenuous - and that's an instant red flag.

Instead, be honest with your answers and your feelings and talk like this is your 1000th interview. Embody the confidence that you would have at that point. It's just a conversation.

Remember: Stay calm, speak as if you're talking to friends of 5 years.


4. Post-Interview Feels 👀

You might have aced it, or you might have made a few embarrassing mistakes - regardless, guess what? You're still alive. It wasn't actually as terrifying as you thought it was right?

Whatever happened, run through the meeting in your head and list down the good things you did as well as the bad. Learn from them, next time around, you'll be more prepared.

Remember: Review what happened & grow from the experience.


5. The Numbers Game 🔢

Everyone gets unlucky, maybe you had a bad interview, or maybe you're not exactly what they're looking for, or maybe there's another candidate who's qualifications are far better than yours - you can't control these factors.

What you can control though, is the number of interviews you have, so keep reaching out!

Don't slow down and focus on the next one, at the end of the day, getting a job is a numbers game, you need to hit as many interviews as possible & eventually you will get hired.

Remember: Be resilient, one failure doesn't define you. Keep going.


Remember To Not Forget! 🧠

These tips can make or break your interview experience, if needs be, reread them to fully grasp what's expected of you. You should also do your own research, as well as ask your friends and family for advice.

If you don't do anything in the above list though, at least do this: believe in yourself.


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