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Expand Your Horizons As A Student Through's Various Initiatives - Become A Student Member!

Ready To Get Started? 😇 strive to assist their students during and after their studies - while also providing a platform for start-ups, students and academia to promote their work and celebrate their successes. This is done through various initiatives, campaigns and collaborations.

To realise Malta’s vision to become a tech centre for innovative technologies, builds its strategy onto four main pillars – those of Promotion, Innovation, Talent and Assistance.

Learn more below...'s Awesome Initiatives ⚡️

1. Their Strategic Partnership For Tech Start-ups & Academia 🤝 launched this campaign in partnership with industry leaders to offer assistance to start-ups and students who have innovative concepts, but lack the knowledge or the experience to really execute on their ideas.

This program will ultimately provide free, unbiased advice, management assistance, strategic planning, and marketing approaches to local digital start-ups. You can learn more here.


2. The Benefits Of STEM In Relation To Entrepreneurship 💰

Through a project-based curriculum that emphasizes the application of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics studies to real-world challenges, STEM education nurtures an entrepreneurial spirit.

Entrepreneurs that start businesses in STEM fields have a bright and exciting future. Every year, the need for STEM professions grows tremendously, and students who are drawn to STEM careers are excellent candidates for entering the entrepreneurial world.


3. The Entrepreneurship Document 📑

The Entrepreneurship Guidance Document has been published by with the support of MCAST to assist students and/or aspiring entrepreneurs to realise their business concepts and take their innovative ideas to the next level.

The detailed manual is a step-by-step guide that takes the user from the idea phase, to the final stages of setting up the business or launching the product/service on the market.


4. MOU With 8 Universities 🎓 and UM have partnered with 8 Italian Universities to enhance the benefits of students, through the technological & innovation sphere.

The 8 universities taking part in this Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) are: University of Camerino, University of Catania, University of Ferrara, University of Genoa, University of Milano, University of Perugia, University of Piemonte Orientale & University of Verona.

This initiative highlights the importance of mutual co-operation by creating employment networks for graduates, collaboration by way of joint studies, research, training activities and educational exchanges of mutual interest, between University of Malta and each respective university mentioned above.


Student Membership 👇

Why Become A Student Member 🤔

The student membership is open to all individuals currently undergoing studies, and especially those who are interested in Malta as the Tech Hub of choice.


Making Connections

Through a number of sponsorships & networking opportunities, you'll have the opportunity to grow in your professional career - as well as gain event awareness amongst members and third-party affiliates.


Keeping Informed

Receive regular sectorial updates, newsletters, and publications on relevant issues within the technology and innovation sectors in Malta.


Access to's Student Resources

Opportunities to publish academic articles on the website / social media platforms and official magazine, Tech.Mag.


Eligibility ✅ are always welcoming applications from new students or individuals who would like to join their flourishing community, in order to participate in our initiatives and be part of promoting Malta as a Technology Hub of Choice.

How to Apply 🔑

  1. Complete the registration form below

  2. Your membership will be reviewed by before being approved

  3. Login to your account to access the student members portal

  4. Complete your profile & access useful resources

Become a student member here!


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