• Ryan Calleja Urry

Teachers & Students Outraged As MATSEC Disallow Intermediate Exams From Taking Place In September 🤔

COVID strikes again 😒

So you know how every year, some students decide to do an Intermediate exam early, so that they can have a subject done before starting 6th form?

Yeah, well this year that's apparently not gonna be allowed...


Plans Postponed ⏱

It started off normally, students applied for their Intermediates, which got verified AND accepted by the MATSEC board. Unfortunately, e-mails started being sent out to students last week saying that they, in fact, cannot sit for their applied subjects.

Instead, students have 2 options: either accept the predicted marks based on their mock exam results or opt to sit for their O-level exams in September. However, even if students decide to accept their mock marks, they still cannot do their intermediate in September.

The irony here is that if students applied for a subject like Psychology, which has no O-Level, they will be allowed to sit for their intermediate in September...😳


The Public's Response 🗣

As you can imagine, many teachers and students have taken to Facebook expressing their disapproval of this decision. A quote from an anonymous teacher read as follows:

I feel that this is a great injustice to the students because I am aware that there are a number who have made good use of their time at home and invested in studying."

Indeed, it does seem unfair for students that have been genuinely using this period of lockdown to focus on their studies. The teacher continues:

They are just asking to be granted what has always been normal. If a 5th former can sit for Psychology/Philosophy in September then he/she must be allowed to sit for English, Religion or any other subject.


Do you think that students should be allowed to do their Intermediates? 🤔

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