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Supporting Students & Frontliners! FreeHour & University Of Malta Launch Official 2021 Partnership

Making A Difference 😇

We thought it would be a great idea to celebrate FreeHour's brand new partnership with the University Of Malta by sending some positivity to those who need it most during this pandemic - our frontliners! ❣️


1. Supporting Our Frontliners

To kick off our partnership & the first of many campaigns with UM, we asked our community from all across Malta to donate to our frontliners.

Dozens of flowers & personalised cards containing heartfelt messages were submitted in support of our frontliners for their admirable work since the start of the pandemic.


2. Donations From Students

The FreeHour team then spent the day giving these donations to our frontliners at Mater Dei, including flowers, messages from students & homemade cupcakes we put together ourselves.

We then headed to University Gateway, showing our support by creating a corner of appreciation & a large banner encouraging the #LastPush in this pandemic - all on behalf of the donations from our student community 💐

It was a true honour to meet these people face to face & a pleasure to put a smile on their faces amidst their busy schedules.


3. Supporting Struggling Students

FreeHour will be promoting University of Malta’s Student Solidarity Fund, which is an official fund geared towards helping students who are in struggling financially due to COVID-19. 

These financial difficulties may be due to loss of earnings because of business closures, self-isolation, illness or other resource challenges. We really encourage our community to support fellow students & youths by donating via SMS to University’s Solidarity Fund.

€2.33 - 5061 7316 €4.66 - 5061 8101

€6.99 - 5061 8812 €11.65 - 5061 9246

This will be an ongoing campaign with UM to collect as many donations as possible for those students who need it most.


4. Tackling Students’ Mental Health

With over 85% of our community expressing mental health concerns due to the pandemic, this topic is naturally very close to our hearts.

Together with University, we're committed to using our platform to create more in-depth mental health awareness content, aiming to have a tangible & positive impact on our society.

We’ll be listening to what students & youths are really struggling within a 2021 environment, whilst sharing student stories & tangible advice with our community.

Stay Tuned!


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