• Daniel Tihn

6 Albums To Help You Get Through This Study Season

Many people prefer to study to music, something to listen to in the background as it helps you focus your mind onto the words in front of you. While some students are able to listen to Global Top 50 with crystal clear concentration, others may prefer more refined and specific music to help them survive their exams alive.

The Dark Side Of The Moon - Pink Floyd

Starting off with a classic, Pink Floyd's iconic progressive rock album is arguably one of, if not the best album ever made. It's relaxing music takes you on an emotional journey while also being perfect backing music to your study stress. While it may not be everyone's cup of tea, Pink Floyd's masterpiece brings a certain level of entertainment and isolates you in its psychedelic sounds and slow yet steadily rising pace. Whether it's to study or to help you relax, The Dark Side Of The Moon is definitely worth a listen.


Apricot Princess - Rex Orange County

Made famous from his appearance on Tyler, The Creator's Flower Boy, Rex Orange County has become a leading artist in the indie pop scene. His unique voice entrances you, calming down all your worldly stress, allowing you to study that little bit better. While his voice does have powerful peaks, it always seems to blend with the music, even while he's singing to his girlfriend in their duet on Sycamore Girl. This album may start a tear-filled breakdown, yet it will seem cathartic as you release all your anger and soldier on to the album's beautiful ending.


IGOR - Tyler, The Creator

Speaking of Tyler, his brand new album is filled with a funky R&B style that details a love story across its 12 tracks. The first listen of IGOR may not impact you as much as other albums would, but getting through it is well worth the 39 minute trip as it just gets better and better. Each track is unique and may hard cut to the next one, yet the flow of the album is impeccable as each song melts into the background, disappearing until you don't even realise it's already over, leaving you wanting more.


Caress Your Soul - Sticky Fingers

Originating from Australia, this reggae rock and soul-filled band bring unique and relaxing music within each of their songs, and Caress Your Soul is one of their best pieces. The only way to describe this album is that it brings images of a golden beach to the mind; the sand under your feet, the sound of the waves reaching up to touch you, and the heat of the Summer sun on your body. Since you can't experience it for now, it helps you look forward at what's to come once you finally get rid of all these pesky exams.


Jungle - Jungle

Jungle's self-titled album brings a mainstream-like feel with a funky nu-disco twist to it. Each song feels like you could hear it on the radio, yet if you did, it would seem a little off. The tracks don't feel like they would belong on radio station, or anywhere for that matter, yet you can't seem to stop listening to them. The hints of lo-fi pop within the album, allowing Jungle to play around with its feel and flow. The perfect backdrop for a coffee shop study sesh, Jungle is relaxing, uplifting, and a very easy listen.


Random Access Memories - Daft Punk

Since their first studio album in 1997, the French duo may have finally found their style in the 2013 album Random Access Memories. Although making excellent albums and songs in the past, this disco funk masterpiece truly represents the band and their journey to maturity. RAM simultaneously hypes you up and calms you down, spurring you to put your study hat on and listen to the repetitive yet glorious style that is Daft Punk.


There are many more albums that can help you study, so tell us in the comments if we missed any of your favourites.