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Students Speak Up On Difficulties With Mental Health In FreeHour Poll

Mental Health Matters

There’s still a heavy stigma when it comes to speaking up about mental health. Some don’t think it’s real or valid, while others see it as a sign of weakness or excuse to not do something.

But it is real & definitely needs to be taken seriously. The easiest comparison is to a physical injury. When you hurt yourself, you see a doctor, take medication, or maybe even take a few days to rest. A similar practice should be taken if you’re struggling with your mental health.

Just like an injury, leaving your mental health unchecked or untreated can lead to bigger & long-term issues, & that's where therapy comes in.

Let's Talk About Therapy

Some people are afraid to go to therapy, while others are scared to admit that they do because they think that something is wrong with them.

But as cliche as it sounds, it’s ok not to be ok. Sometimes, life throws us curveballs that we struggle to handle on our own & therapy is there to help you deal with these things.

The first step is always the hardest. There are plenty of reasons why people start therapy, but the common thread is ‘for support’. At the end of the day, a therapist is there to help you with anything you tell them while remaining confidential, unless you are in immediate danger.

Therapy Is A Process

As much as friends & family are there to help & support you, therapists are licensed professionals who have had years of training & experience. It’s their job to help people & they are experts at what they do.

It can be difficult at times. You’re encouraged to open up about your feelings & delve deep into things that you might find tough to talk about. There are times when you’ll love it, & there are times where it’s far from easy.

But you need to trust in the process & believe that the therapist has your best interest in mind. You also need to put in the work & take it seriously.

Taking Care Of Your Mental Health

70% of the FreeHour community believes that therapy is beneficial, with one user commenting that “everyone should try therapy at least once in their life”.

We need to take our mental health seriously & actually take care of it. There’s different ways of doing it, through things like therapy, mindfulness, meditation, exercise. Just find the thing that works best for you & check in with yourself regularly.

Speaking up about your struggles with mental health should never be looked at as a sign of weakness. Because being brave enough to open up or seek help is actually a sign of strength.


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