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Students Speak 🗣 Sharing Nude Photos, Acceptable Or Stupid? And Who's At Fault If They Leak?

Hot Topic 👀

Recently, the topic of sharing explicit photos has been brought up in many discussions among youths and the Maltese public alike. We thought we'd try our best to offer some clarity on these conversations by asking students on our Instagram Story about the whole debate.

In this article, we'll be sharing our poll results and student stories...

But first 👇

Which Side Are You On? 🤔

Opinion A - "Nudes Shouldn't Be Taken" - This argument blames the guy/girl for taking the nudes in the first place. It is their fault for putting themselves at risk, and nudes cannot be trusted with anyone - not to mention the fact that you or the person could be hacked.

Opinion B - "Nudes Can Be Taken, But Not Spread" - Here, the person who spread the nudes is blamed. Nudes can be exchanged in a trusting relationship and if they're spread, it's obviously the person spreading them that's at fault - as they're the ones acting immorally.

There are 2 sides to every argument, and students are naturally very torn between the above 2 sides of the story. These kinds of conversations in particular can be quite complex and there's a lot of grey area - there is no clear and obvious answer here...

Student Stories 😔

The below messages are from one whole story sent in by a brave student. They recount a disappointing story where they befriended an older man who pressured them into sending nude photos. As you can imagine, this ended up being a very traumatic experience.

The following are a mix of 5 stories (each seperated by red lines) which all detail similar issues sent in by our student community.

Unfortunately, all stories seem to be relatively similar in that they all involve people spreading images that they have no right to spread. One noteworthy point that was brought up is that of the lose-lose situation involved when asking authorities for help...

We Can All Agree On One Thing 🙏

A huge 90% of students agree that this is a major issue facing our generation - with 73% of our audience holding the belief that stricter measures should be implemented, in order to serve as a bigger deterrent.

On the bright side, it clearly seems most people do agree that this situation is a serious issue that truly needs to be addressed immediately.

What Do You Think? 🤨

Surely, most of us can agree that spreading these kinds of images is definitely a morally wrong thing to do.

Hopefully, laws are tightened, and/or certain educational measures or legal initiatives are put into place which stop the leaking of these images and help keep our youth safe.

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