• Zach Ciappara

WATCH: Students React To Sudden 50%+ DROP In Stipend Allowance (UPDATE : April Fools 🤣)

After celebrating a small increase of €2.33 per week in their stipend last year, students are now very confused and angry to learn that as of next scholastic year, all 6th form and University students will be receiving more than a 50% pay cut as a result of the predicted increase in student enrolment over the coming year.

According to multiple student bodies, as well as an official who was part of the decision (who for privacy reasons prefers to remain nameless), the monthly student stipend will be dropping from the standard €89 (approx.) to a flat value of €33 for all students, regardless of which course they are a part of. The date for this change has not yet been announced however will be implemented ''as of next scholastic year'' to ensure that the coming influx of new students are made aware of the change before enrolling next September.

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FreeHour headed down to the University of Malta & Junior College campuses to ask students what they thought about this drastic change. As expected, students are outraged at the news with many describing the change as “just another step backwards” & others saying it is clear evidence of how little the institutions care about the students that pay their bills.

Many students simply cannot make time for a job amidst the juggling of lessons, studies, and a social life, and the monthly stipend is sometimes barely enough to cover fuel costs alone. To go from almost 90 euro to now 30 without even a warning sign has to be seen as an unacceptable change.

Unfortunately, due to no public statement having been put out yet, many students still don't know that this change will be made. This is why we are encouraging all students to make their voices heard and sign the petition we've created at (click here) which we encourage you all to share with your fellow students.

Hopefully, with people signing the petition, as well as sharing this article and video, we can raise awareness of this move and potentially reverse the decision before its implemented.

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