• Ryan Calleja Urry

Students Left In The Dark Once Again As Mocks & Exams Are Interrupted By New Measures 🙃

Students In The Dark Again 😔

Following Malta’s recent cases spike, emergency measures were announced in order to try & safeguard our population.

Unfortunately, these regulations seem to have been made without any consideration for Malta’s students.

Students currently undergoing mocks, exams or placements have had their entire schedules flipped upside down - with very little communication made.

Frustrated Student Comments 🗣

We asked you guys what you thought about this situation on our IG stories, the following are some responses we got:

@spokijxs: “They literally forgot us…”

@nicole_xx_17: “My placement is postponed until further notice”

@sophiee626: “My mocks have now been postponed to April”

@shevrooney2005: “It’s unfair that the students don’t manage to do their exams in June after so much studying”


Hopefully, This Is Resolved 🙄

Students seem quite frustrated, and rightly so. Hopefully, this is solved quickly and students don't need to miss their examinations.

Have your studies been impacted by Malta’s new COVID-19 measures?


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