• Ryan Calleja Urry

Students Furious With MATSEC's Decision To Not Count Resit Session Grades For Admission Into UM 😡

Student Outrage, Yet Again 😟

As if this year wasn't bad enough, MATSEC have decided that the results of the upcoming December resits, if you have not achieved the required 36 points of entry, will not be counted in regards to admission to UM in 2020.

Back in 2019, students sitting for their exams had two chances to gain the points they needed to be admitted into University, just like students in 2021 will...sooo what exactly makes students in 2020 so different?

What's worse? The examination board made no large announcement of this decision, and hence there was little public rebuttal. The decision was taken quietly and with seemingly little to no regard or dialogue with the student community.

This trend of neglect, and a notable lack of communication, has persisted throughout the past months - most notably during the poorly handled September sessions.

The relationship between directors and students is not just negative in a functional sense then, considering the fact that students' resit chance has been stripped away - but also negative in the light of students' mental health.

The indecisiveness of the organisations governing students only serves to seed doubt and anxiety within the minds of those being governed.

This lack of guidance needs to change.

Want to help facilitate that change?

Signing / sharing this petition would be a great start 🙏