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Students' Choice: Voters Pick Their Favourite Summer Activities Under The Hot The Sun 🤔 😍

So much to do, such little time 😅

Last week, we asked our community what summer activities they like best, and the results are finally in! With around 3,000 voters in total, we think we've got a good idea of what students love to do in Malta.

If you didn't check out the polls last week, treat this list as inspiration for some fun things you can do with your friends & family! Enjoy ❤️

Cliff Diving VS Rock Climbing 🧗‍♂️

Adrenaline junkies pay attention! If you're scared of heights, you should probably keep scrolling 😅

Rock climbing is quite popular around Malta, and for good reason. There are loads of Facebook groups you can join that are holding expertly organised events during this summer.

Cliff diving is also a blast. You'll battle countless emotional rollercoasters, facing a mix of fear & excitement before every jump. It's worth it tho.

P.S. We strongly suggest that you opt to groups when performing both of the above activities, they can be far more dangerous than you'd expect.

Snorkelling VS Scuba Diving 🤿

This choice is basically a measure of how much you love the ocean.

There are 2 kinds of people here:

A) "Wooow the ocean is filled with colourful creatures in every direction, so beautiful 😍 "

B) "AAAA there's danger everywhere get me out get me away I'm sobbing 😭 "

At the end of the day, there's both beauty and danger in the sea (much like life), it's just a matter of what you choose to focus on 😉

Padel VS Beach Volleyball 🏐

Bit of a landslide victory for volleyball on this poll. While beach-view sports are definitely a great time with friends, and also a top workout, don't let that discourage you from trying Padel!

If you didn't know, Padel is a relatively new concept in Malta that can be described most simply as "tennis with walls" 😂 There's loads of opportunity for playing with flair & it's a great arcade sport for students unfamiliar with tennis.

Bonus: Padel Malta are also hiring a receptionist/club assistant, you can apply by sending an email to karl@padel.mt.

Boat Day VS Camping ⛺️

Tent or cabin? Sea or soil? The truth is, these options are very different experiences.

Boat days, in comparison to camping, tend to be way more luxurious - filled with cheese & ham platters, loud pop music, and Insta boomerangs of you getting your tan on.

Camping, on the other hand, tends to be way less glamorous. There's a much larger emphasis on doing things yourself and getting down and dirty with nature - while using 3 cans of mosquito repellent at a time of course.

Day in Comino VS Day in Gozo ☀️

Last but not least, Malta's mini-vacation spots!

When it comes to Comino, it definitely has a more aesthetic appeal for most - almost like a "Maldives in Malta". This option is what you choose for a day of chill vibes & swimming in crystal clear waters, it's simple and easy.

Gozo is very pretty too obviously, but it's more of a complex, activity-filled trip. You'll have a nice lunch, explore a locality or two, visit Ramla L-Hamra and maybe even indulge in some history.

The choice is yours 😎

Hope you enjoyed that quick list of outings. Be sure to try a few out with your buddies and tag us in your stories if you do, you could get a repost to our story 😇

Also, be sure to stay tuned on future FreeHour Instagram Polls, we love learning more about our community - plus it's always fun sharing these kinds of stats.

Your vote matters 😉

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