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Students' Choice: 3,000+ Voters Pick Between Summer Events On Our IG Polls - Here Are The Results 🎉

The Summer Heat Is Here 🔥

As FreeHour's Instagram page has grown over the last few months, we've been trying our best to interact with our community and ask them how they feel about certain topics.

We've done this primarily through our polls, which act as surveys of consumer opinion. It has now reached a point where we receive between 2,000 & 3,000 student votes for every batch.

Usually, 10% of a population is considered as a good sample size for a survey, so if we do the math, 2,500 / 25,000 (total student base) turns out to be an exact 10% 😍 This demonstrates the accuracy of our polls, truly cementing FreeHour as a voice for students 🎓

So, let's see what the results have to say 👇

Malta's Top Summer Events: FIGHT 🚨

Lost & Found VS Glitch 🎺

Lost & Found is a fantastic event, pulling in a huge surge of British party animals every year, but everybody knows Glitch is where it's at amongst the locals.

Having hosted all the biggest names in Techno & House from Nina Kraviz to Carl Cox, Glitch smashes it year after year with a top-quality lineup every single time - and 79% of you seem to agree 👀

Liquid VS Playground 💧

Liquid has been around since 1998, with the building itself operating as a nightclub since 1971, cementing it as a major player in the local Techno scene. Over the years, they've hosted countless unforgettable nights with massive artists like I Hate Models & the techno OG Jeff Mills 🔔

Playground edges this student poll, though, having made waves in recent years by offering you pretty much the best Techno night out in Paceville.

The fact that they've brought in some top-quality artists like Ten Walls & Andy Bros certainly helps too, though.

Truth VS Shadow 🎉

These 2 nightclubs are pretty new on the scene, quickly gaining popularity for serving us with some of the best nights out in Paceville.

Truth offers something a little different, serving up great food by day whilst still hosting sick nights out. Definitely a cool concept that's worth your while.

Shadow is the clear winner among students though - probably helped by their Beatz Wednesdays & Shadow Sundays events, which are pretty much guaranteed to be nights filled with good vibes & great tunes.

EarthGarden VS Bubble ☮️

Pretty sure each and every one of us is totally heartbroken that these 2 major camping festivals aren't taking place as planned this year 💔

EarthGarden seems to clash with exam season every single year. Clearly that doesn't really stop you guys from going anyway though, with this fantastic festival achieving a landslide victory on our student poll. It's totally worth the anxiety induced by the lack of studying - this event is always one of the highlights of the year.

The Bubble is sustainably organised in aid of humanitarian causes by The Bubble NGO, offering a super chill weekend of happiness, learning, & relaxation. It's a great wholesome concept that's always a good time, with environmentalism & 'leave no trace' being the key to this great festival.

Sidenote: EarthGarden will still take place this year with a 1-day event in September, though we'll have to wait till 2021 for the full camping bender that our hearts truly desire 😈

Isle Of MTV VS Summer Daze 🇲🇹

  • Top international musicians ✅

  • Huge venue & FREE attendance ✅

These 2 massive summer events check every box.

Isle of MTV has been nailed as a summer favourite for years, bringing artists like The Chainsmokers & everyone's favourite TikTok celeb Jason Derulo to our island.

Summer Daze might be relatively new to the scene, but it definitely hit the ground running. In its first year, this festival boasted the biggest names in EDM & Pop from Martin Garrix to Rita Ora, going on to host David Guetta in the most recent edition.

Sound Salon VS District 🔊

Sound Salon & District are completely killing the game when it comes to the weekly weekend żiblata. They've been the ultimate Friday night staples of every summer for as long as we can remember.

In this poll, Sound Salon slightly edged out the competition, but with those legendary Denis Sulta nights, District has absolutely upgraded our Fridays & you can definitely expect more to come this summer.

A huge thank you goes out to our community for voting on the Summer Events Polls. We hope you're enjoying your nights out at these top local events ❤️

P.S. Keep an eye out for more student polls in the future, where you'll get to decide what's hot and what's not 😉 Happy drinking!

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