• Zach Ciappara

The #1 app every student needs to get this scholastic year

Welcome to FreeHour. We're an app developed to help students live a more efficient life on campus.

What do we provide?

A clean, efficient service that solves some core issues that students have faced for years.


Why should I download FreeHour?

Our main feature is the Shared Timetable, this eliminates the age old hassle of figuring out ''who's free?'', instead, simply input your weekly lecture schedule and we'll tell you exactly which of your friends are free when you are. You can also schedule frees with a whole group of your friends, be it to work on a class project, or even just to grab a bite.

Okay you have my attention, what else?

We also have a Lecture Reminders feature, for whenever you lose track of time during frees, as well as a handy Stipend Countdown which will let you know exactly how many days are left till payday.

Do you provide any perks for local Maltese students ?

Definitely. We have new student offers coming weekly within the coming months, food discounts, stationery discounts, event discounts, you name it. In short, you're going to save a lot of money. You could also be making more money too, as we've partnered with keepmeposted to provide our users with over 200 new job listings every month, tailored for students level of experience, available to browse through directly in app.

Where do I find FreeHour?

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Don't worry, we're available everywhere. You can find us on the App Store and Play Store, and as social media goes, we have our very own Facebook page and Instagram feed, where we provide frequent updates, and maybe even host a contest or two. So be sure to follow us to be in the chance to win & to show your support!

We're excited to help make this scholastic year easier than the last.

See you on campus.

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