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Student Review 🧠 "5 Takeaways From My ACCA Experience At Deloitte" 🤔

A Hands-On Experience 👇

Looking to jump-start your career in Accounts, but haven’t decided how just yet?

By collaborating with Deloitte, you'll receive continuous support during your training, as well as gain valuable work experience that's vital to achieving a comprehensive understanding of both the profession and the business in which you'll be working.

The following is a real student review of the experience by Gail Saliba, for you to better understand the pros & cons of this venture!


Gail's Review 💚

#1 - Deloitte provided me with the necessary financial support that I needed in order to complete each course and exam accordingly. Furthermore, Deloitte not only let me choose which school I wished to attend, but they even fully paid for my tuition fees!

#2 - Deloitte provides 5 days of study leave for each exam, and 4 extra days if needed for any second sittings. This way, Deloitte motivates you to progress and finish the course in the least amount of time possible.

#3 - Whilst studying, Deloitte provides on the job experience - effectively linked to the ACCA modules. As such, one can also directly their studies to real-life experiences.

#4 - Deloitte, being one of the Big 4, has a network full of professionals, including technical experts in various areas, all of who are ready to help you further in resolving any difficulties you might encounter while studying.

#5 - Since Deloitte is a Platinum level employer, one may claim a performance objective exemption, which is one of the ACCA certification requirements. This means that ACCA has assessed the level of training and support that Deloitte offers, which is needed in order to obtain the qualification, and deemed it sufficient to meet the PER.


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